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Welcome to the Restaurant Computer Software site!

Do You Know How Much Your Meals Cost?


Our Meal Cost System will answer that question and many more in order to make your restaurant or food service a more profitable place  


The Meal Cost System is the perfect tool for increasing your restaurant profits 

Determine the profitability of any meal with just a few keystrokes

(It takes about 30 seconds to cost out one of your meals)

Test menu prices and change meal ingredients to make each meal more profitable

Show all your meals profitability in detail or summary format to find the best meals for specials and promotions

Store your recipes and photographs of recipes

(a great way to create a recipe manual)


 Prepare a list of all your inventory items on a sheet to be used for physical inventory  purposes. The computer will add the inventory quantities and produce a list with the total dollar value.(An inventory of 500 items can be added in 5 to 7 minutes)


If you use a POS system the software will not only report the total dollar value of sales from meals but will also report the total dollar cost, total gross profit and food cost percentage of each meal

The usage report can show every ingredient's shortage, including the dollar value

Our Meal Cost Software has great on-line help and telephone support

( But it's so easy to use you won't need either)


Our Meal Cost Software  Saves Lots of Time and Money

Cost is only $595.00

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Remote On Line Support for 2 Hours and we will assist with any computer issues not just our software

Call us for Details

We will gladly give you an Online Live Demo of any of our software

Works on All Version of Windows

Watch our video on meal costing  by clicking the play button below